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Our Security Apparatus and Use of Information Obtained

The identifying information we obtain from people generally is limited to their names, email and home/work addresses, and telephone numbers. Any identifying information that we collect from our members may be reviewed and changed by them at will by signing in to the site.

We do not and will not share, sell, rent, or trade identifiable personal information of anyone to any organization outside of Medtalents, Inc. without their express consent except that such information will be supplied to employees of our company or independent contractors by our company to perform specific functions (such as matching jobs with candidates), and then only as necessary to operate the website. Employees of Medtalents®, Inc., its sister companies and independent contractors engaged in the functioning of the website will be required to sign a privacy agreement encompassing the provisions of this policy. We will use your email address to verify your identity and to communicate with you when desired for any number of reasons including but not limited to changes in services or usage.

In operating this Website with all the purposes set forth in the site, MedTalents®, Inc. does not represent or warrant that it has any special technology or expertise to assure security or privacy beyond what is clearly visible to the user at its site and is otherwise stated above. It cannot represent or warrant that others might not engage in fraud or other illegal activity with the website.

There are certain matters related to the above-indicated privacy policy that should be known.
  1. It should be understood that Medtalents®, Inc. will disclose information it is legally required to disclose in any legal proceeding based upon lawful process properly presented to it (as per its sole evaluation).
  2. Let us discuss "cookies." Cookies are tiny texts that some websites, including ours, place on your computer hard disk for the purpose of storing information that can be accessed by the same website at a later time such as site usage, passwords, etc. The cookies used by us will only contain the minimum information necessary to facilitate your use of our site. We will not knowingly pass any cookies pertaining to you to any third party except pursuant to the first paragraph of this section.
  3. By registering with us, you agree to accept our privacy policy and are hereby made aware that the policy may change from time to time with the only notification made being a general notification in our website that the modification is in effect. See our Unsubscribe provisions below. However, if we are going to use your personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection we will notify you via email. You will have a choice as to whether or not we use your information in this different manner. If you have opted out of all communication with the site, or deleted/deactivated your account, then you will not be contacted. Nor will your personal information be used in this new manner.


All those who register with us have the option to enter or exit the service of the website at any time, subject only to absolutely practicable temporary limitations necessary for accounting for entitlements or other lawful purposes. The act of unsubscribing itself (i.e., by withdrawing from the service) is in effect an opt-out when we remove the entity or individual's information from the system. Once you opt out, all identifying information about you will be removed from the candidate and client marketing database.


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