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International Healthcare Recruitment

MedTalents offers international recruitment as a solution to the shortage of healthcare professionals in the U.S.

International candidates undergo rigorous screening, testing, and licensing process before getting deployed to U.S. healthcare facilities. Nurses have to pass the NCLEX, Physical Therapists have to pass the NPTE, and Occupational Therapists have to pass the NBCOT exam. In addition, all candidates have to pass the English exams such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Within the last several years, MedTalents has been instrumental in bringing in hundreds of nurses and physical therapists from the Philippines. This process has slowed down in recent years due to retrogression. Green cards used to take 8 months and now they can take up to 4 years. H1-B or work visas are still available to specialty nurses (ER, OR, ICU/CCU, Dialysis), PTs, and OTs, and this process takes 3-6 months after filing if there are visas available. If you’d like to maximize your candidates’ chances of getting their visas, you should file for them on April 1 of each year, the day that new H1-B visas are made available by the USCIS.

The costs are reasonable. We’ve set up a branch office in the Philippines so we can pass on the savings to you. We know international recruitment. Call us today.

International Healthcare Recruiting

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